Innovation Summit

Innovation Summit

The I Summit was an event to display the prototypes by the first batch of NewGen IEDC. At 9:00 a.m the registration desk was opened. After the collection of breakfast and lunch tokens by participants, the breakfast was served in VOC 118. The registration was closed at 10:00 am after which the Design Thinking Workshop started. By 10:00 am the Design Thinking workshop started with the introduction of Innofy E cell and the office bearers by Dr. Rama Vaidyanathan (Director R&D). The participants were made to sit as per their pre-assigned ten different groups and they were given few stationaries (like clay, chart, cardboard, sketches, a pair of scissor, etc.). It was started by a small activity named “Name Tag”. It was a five minute activity where the participants were given a small parchment of  paper and were asked to pen down a name and give it to a person in the hall whom they feel that name would perfectly suit.  

This was then proceeded by a brief on design thinking by Rama ma’am It was two and a half an hour workshop which ended with a brief explanation about prototyping. The participants were engaged in an activity in which they were asked to discuss and come up with an innovative and an efficient “TABLE ORGANISER”. By the end of the activity ten different prototypes were made by the participants and they presented by explaining about the USP’s of their design.

Immediately after the workshop the Project Showcase session started. In this session there were ten NewGen IEDC funded projects, one student project and one start-up exhibited. It was reviewed by Mr. R, Narayanan, The Former President, The Induus Entrepreneurs, Mr. Aravind Vimal David, NVT Phybridge India, Mr. Dhanabal Arumugam, CEO, Spaar 3D Creative, Mr. Harish Sampath Kumar, SP Robotics Works Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Suman Jha, CEO, Giscle Solutions and Mr. Dinesh SP, CEO, TechMbed. Students and faculty of the institution visited the showcase and interacted with the incubators regarding their project. This session extended till 2:00 p.m. Then the dignitaries and the participants were served lunch in Dean’s office and VOC 118 respectively.

Sharply at 3:00 p.m. the final session of the day started. The gathering was welcomed by Ms. Bhuvanshwari Nagarajan, Manager, NewGen IEDC. Then Dr. Rama Vaidyanathan, Director R&D described about the fame and laurenze of Dr. M. G. R Educational and Research Institute related to the Entrepreneurship Cell and the start-ups of our institution. After introducing Mr. R. Narayanan, The man of the day to the audience, he spoke about the life of an Entrepreneur before five of decades and the advancement of technology. He was then honoured with a memento by 
Dr. Rama Vaidyanathan and Ms. Vishnu Priya (South Regional Manager of Wadwani Foundation). The panel discussion started with the introduction of Ms. Vishnu Priya who was the panel moderator for the noon. The panel comprised of Mr. Aravind Vimal David, Mr. Dhanabal Arumugam, Mr. Harish Sampath Kumar, Mr. Suman Jha, Mr. K.S. Sharren Balaji and Mr. Dinesh SP. The panel discussed on their entrepreneurial journey and their experiences on time management, support and the challenges that they faced. Then by the end of the discussion the panel was open for students to ask questions to the young entrepreneurs. Three students asked questions and the questions were “How did you feel when you experienced you first loss in your venture?”, “Who was your inspiration?”, “What was your mentality when you completed your engineering?” The program came to an end with the certificate distribution to all the participants and followed by photo session.

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