Facilities from Startup Centre

Sl. No.Instrument NameQuantity
1Foil Sealer1
2Tube Sealer1
3Tube Filling Machine1
4Power Supply3
5Digital Oscilloscope1
6Function Generator1
73D Printer FDM1
8Digital Moisture Meter1
9Drilling Machine (Bosche)1
10Digital Sound Level Meter1
11Jigsaw (Bosche)1
12Chop Saw (De-Walt)1
13Angle Grinder1
14Arc Welding Machine1
15MIG Welding Machine1
16Drone DJI Mavic Mini1
17HP Workstation2
18Battery Charging Dock (9V-12V)2
19Water Testing kit1
20BOMB Calorimeter1
21Interactive Touch Display1
22Fabrication ToolsFew

Facilities from Abdul Kalam Research Centre

Sl. No.Instrument Name
1Oxford Minion Sequencing Set up
2Real-time PCR
3Fluorescent Spectrophotometer
4Gradient PCR
6Microplate Reader
7UV Transilluminator and photography equipment
8Trinocular microscope
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