Courses Offered

We have a mandate to inspire, educate and support student entrepreneurs to create high-value jobs. We collaborate with Wadhwani Foundation to create an entrepreneurial Campus by training teachers, students, mentoring and connecting students with industry networks across the country


Course Overview
This video lecture and activity based session is lead by a facilitator to introduce the concept of Entrepreneurship. The students are encouraged to form an Entrepreneurship Cell and get involved in the activities. The students are then inspired to join for the next courses.


Course Overview
This course is designed for those students who want to be among the 10% who succeed. This course will help them learn how to build a viable venture. A student will start his/her venture creation journey with identifying the problem that he/she wants to solve and end with building an MVP.

The Business Model represented by the Lean Canvas is the “anchor” in this journey. It is a “one page” format that students can use to capture and track their business model and entrepreneurship journey. The student will experiment and go through the basics of all the 9 blocks of the Lean Canvas. In the process, he/she will build an MVP they can take to market at the end of the course and learn to use the globally proven LEAN methodology.


Course Overview
In this course, students will learn about how to achieve product market fit. They will revisit their business model and look for opportunities for growth in their customer segments, in their channels, and in the other blocks of the Business Model and validate it.

Then they will set their traction goal and chase that during the course. They identify channels, enhance their revenue streams and focus on sales. They will learn to work on their financial model and make a pitch deck. In this course, they will build their Sales, Ops, Hiring, and Technology Plan.

Potential show stoppers such as Compliances, Legal and Registrations will be covered as well.


Data Analysis with R is a course in data analytics that leverages the power of R which is rapidly growing in popularity as a data science language. R is excellent for getting introduced to and mastering data science as it was created especially for statistical computing

Course Objective
Our goal is to teach you how to use data to take informed decisions about various situations. The focus will be on discussions, problem solving and computer lab sessions. All students will learn the software R.


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