Dr. MGR DST NewGen IEDC 4th Cohort List of Projects


We thank all the participants of the Dr MGR DST NewGen IEDC, 4th Call.  It has been an exciting journey listening to your pitch.  In the last 4 days, our Jury have heard from 25 different teams from all the campuses of the University.

Based on the recommendations of the Jury Panel, we have shortlisted 8 teams for their innovation and commercialisation potential of the idea and the entrepreneurial mindset of the student teams.  These teams will move on to the next step, where we will explore Patent Applications, develop a Business Model and prototyping as applicable.  We want these teams to become successful businesses. 

Further, we have shortlisted 11 teams who will be given a second chance to pitch after they attend a workshop on problem validation and solution fit.  This workshop will be conducted off line at Abdul Kalam Center.  The date of the workshop and the pitching session will be communicated shortly.

Shortlisted final teams for 4th call for Dr. MGR DST NewGen IEDC grant

S.No.Team NameTeam Leader NameFaculty
1E-BrickMonisha V SFaculty of Engineering & Technology
2Med TorPraveen Kumar GFaculty of Engineering & Technology
3Pharma FuegoKarthika GFaculty of Pharmacy
4Vyrad GreenrichVarsheni NFaculty of Engineering & Technology
5ComradeBalajiFaculty of Engineering & Technology
6Health AlliesVishwajeet KumarFaculty of Engineering & Technology
7Local MarketRadesh SharmaFaculty of Engineering & Technology
8Legendary SanninPraveen Kumar RFaculty of Engineering & Technology

Short listed for the Second Chance for Pitching to Dr. MGR DST NewGen IEDC grant

S.No.Team NameTeam Leader NameFaculty
1U & WECharanFaculty of Allied Health Science
2Startup!MeenaFaculty of Allied Health Science
3PreventedsBalajiFaculty of Physiotherapy
4Inbox CorpAmuthan PFaculty of Engineering & Technology
5Pharma RockersDeepak Kumar KFaculty of Pharmacy
6Aloevera FibreCharulatha SFaculty of Allied Health Science
7Team NovaRahulFaculty of Engineering & Technology
8Fortified ChocolatesEzilarasanFaculty of Allied Health Science
9Panacea for DentalFemin SherlyFaculty of Allied Health Science
10Herbal Antidandruff PowderSambavikaFaculty of Allied Health Science
11Saviour BunchKalaivaniFaculty of Allied Health Science
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